Change in Aridity - Shifts to Drier Conditions

Change in Aridity - Shifts to Wetter Conditions

Changes in dryland subtypes
A comparison of shifts in the AI from 1951-1980 to 1981-2010.
Shifts to drier subtypes are observed in high latitudes of Eurasia and North America, northern China, Africa, southern Europe, eastern Australia, India, and in regions of South America. Shifts to wetter subtypes are in southern Russia, western China, the central region of the United States, western Australia, South America, and Greenland.

Aridity is a climate phenomenon characterised by a shortage of water

Climate classification and dryland subtypes based on the Aridity Index.

A comparison of the two 30-year periods, 1951-1980 and 1981-2010, shows that global drylands have increased by about 0.35 %. This is attributable mainly to a 3.4 % increase (from 13.11 % to 13.56 %) in semi-arid subtypes.