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How to obtain the Atlas

Download the Atlas

It is possibile to download the Atlas, or its chapters, from the links below

  1. Read the Full version (1.2GB) - Download
  2. Introduction (23 MB) - Download
  3. Global Patterns of Human Domination (115 MB) - Download
  4. Feeding a Growing Global Population (200 MB) - Download
  5. Limits to Sustainability (370 MB) - Download
  6. Convergence of Evidence (400 MB) - Download
  7. Solutions (120 MB) - Download

or is it possible to order the publication via EU Bookshop (;

To refer to this 3rd edition of the World Atlas of Desertification please cite as follows:

Cherlet, M., Hutchinson, C., Reynolds, J., Hill, J., Sommer, S., von Maltitz, G. (Eds.), World Atlas of Desertification, Publication Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2018.

The full version of this atlas will be available online at:
This URL gives access to the index and leads to an interactive map interface where map layers compiled using the convergence of evidence concept can be interrogated.
Individual pages in this atlas contain QR codes which, when scanned, bring the reader to the exact online location to access the related page content.

World Atlas of Desertification
Printed version
ISBN 978-92-79-75350-3
Catalogue number KJ-07-17-008-EN-C
Online version
ISBN 978-92-79-75349-7
Catalogue number KJ-07-17-008-EN-N

The cover of the third edition of the World Atlas of Desertification.